Poker is one of the most beloved casino card games, with both traditional and online casinos providing video poker for their customers. Easy to understand and immensely popular among gamblers alike, poker remains a stalwart on casino sites across California despite not yet legalizing it under state legislation. International sites offering real money games to Golden State residents could potentially violate US or California gambling laws and thus may incur fines if used.

Californians have expressed strong support for legalizing online poker, yet several attempts at legalization have failed. Lawmakers and stakeholders have struggled to gain support for legislation that would create a regulated market – this failure may have been contributed to by opposition from horse racing interests and concerns over bad actor clauses – yet despite these hurdles there remains hope for California’s online poker industry – the success of sports betting may pave the way for other gambling expansions, including online poker.

Legality of online poker in California is an intricate issue. While no effort has been made by the state to regulate it, multiple factors may have contributed to this result, with gambling laws failing to address online poker specifically and leading to confusion surrounding its legality; specifically whether or not a player could face prosecution under current state legislation.

Though California remains uncertain of the legality of online poker, a growing consensus exists that regulation should be explored. Unfortunately, due to California’s long history of gambling prohibition and political climate it may prove challenging to implement legalized regulated markets legally.

Since then, a number of tribal casinos and card rooms have sprung up throughout California, offering various poker games. This has made California an increasingly attractive destination for poker enthusiasts – and with its regulated market for the game likely making it even more enticing to potential newcomers.

Though California does not legally permit real-money poker gaming, residents who wish to enjoy it still have options available to them. Sweepstake and social gaming sites allow Californians to engage in casual online poker without risking their own funds – this could help ease transitioning to new legal regulations more smoothly in future. Until that happens, lawmakers will need to find an acceptable compromise between tribes and state residents regarding legalizing online poker – something which may take some time before resolution arrives.