As legalization of online gambling becomes an international trend, many states are exploring its merits. Maryland remains undecided on whether to offer online casinos; other forms of online gambling – including betting on sporting events – have already been legalized in Maryland and thus, ultimately, whether online gambling will be considered legal will depend on what their decision will be.

Maryland’s journey towards more accepting gambling practices has been marked by numerous bills that have altered its current framework and set the stage for a vote on legalizing online casinos in 2024. The 2024 vote will reflect both wider societal perspectives and economic considerations; here we explore some of these bills that have had an effect on Maryland gambling landscape and their possible influence over 2024 vote outcome.

State Senator Ron Watson recently proposed a relaunch of Maryland iGaming legislation. Under this version of the bill, all six casinos could apply for online casino licenses while five additional licenses would go to companies residing within Maryland for at least 10 years and owning at least 5% interest in VLT operators. This legislation seeks to address issue of problem gambling arising as a result of online casino gaming expansion.

House members voted 92-43 in favor of legalizing online gaming; however, it failed to pass through Senate before its crossover deadline. Debate continues around this bill with some House members believing it will harm existing casinos while others see potential for it as new revenue sources for their state.

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